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ADULT CRUSH No Love / Ego War Cassingle


No Love / Ego War

Adult Crush is a new and exciting band that will make you wanna dance like Eddie Sutton in Kingpin video. The name states the obvious so it's no secret - Adult Crush blends the best elements of NY crossover and delivers groovy and powerful tunes.

Two song limited cassingle released to promote their upcoming full length.

All orders placed from EU locations will be shipped within EU to avoid possible non-EU taxes between UK and the mainland. Brexit can suck it.

100 cassettes:
40 Red
40 Yellow
20 White (Available through Coterex only)

Available digitally now via all platforms.

We also have shirts available for pre-orders - black and yellow ones as per the mock-up. Please specify your size and colors.

Shirts are not available in the UK at the moment. If you're UK-based and wish to order one please contact us direct.

Both cassettes and shirts should be ready for shipping by the 2nd week of June if not earlier.