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UNDER MY SKIN Issue Number One.

£1.50 / Sold Out

A Hardcore Fanzine.
24 pages of DIY cut and paste brutality. A5 format. Featuring Chris Zusi, Staffan Snitting, Ray Bussey, Geert Hollanders, Corey Williams, Andy Norton, Ian Wiles, Pete Abordi, Christopher Flza, Richard Shiner, Brian Murphy, Mark Boardman, Justin Moulder, Todd Jones, Aram Arslanian, Bjorn Dossche, Jonathan Buske, Scott Vogel, Tom Pimlott, Sheep, Freddy Alva and picture of John Watson on the cover. A few quotes, some great pictures. No ads.

The Second Press available now.
The First Press (limited to 100) sold out.

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